Helping People

Through community programs, scholarships and more.

Community service is our mission and our reason for being. If you or someone in your community needs help, we are here for you. Our lodges invest in our communities through financial assistance, student scholarships, veterans’ assistance, community service, drug awareness programs and much, much more.

Needy Youth Program

Providing for our children in need.

Unfortunately, we have children in Wyoming who need help. Maybe they need school supplies, a pair of glasses or a winter coat. Or maybe they need a medical procedure or to replace all of their belongings after a fire. Whatever the case may be, these children need someone to help them.

Through our Needy Youth program, the Wyoming Elks provides assistance with healthcare, clothing, eye care, assistive devices, beds, dental care and any other valid request. We also collaborate with other organizations that serve our youth, such as the Girls and Boys Clubs, to offer food collection, athletic events and other new and innovative ways to serve the youth of our state. Every year, we provide $40,000-$50,000 in assistance from the Wyoming Elks State Trust (WEST).

If you know of a child in need, please contact Pat Russell at Or, if you have a passion for children and those in need and want to help, consider joining the Elks!

Wyoming Elks State Trust

Wyoming Elks State Trust

Financial assistance is one way we help our neighbors in the State of Wyoming, and every year we donate tens of thousands of dollars in charitable, educational and benevolent assistance.

Established in 1989 with a $1,000 donation from the trust’s founder and first Chairman Richard Oberosler, the Wyoming Elks State Trust (WEST) makes many of our programs possible, including Needy Youth and Student Scholarships. We use the interest earned on the trust to fund our benevolent efforts (while leaving the principal invested, similar to the Elks National Foundation).

The Wyoming Elks State Trust is a perpetual fund built on the donations of generous groups and individuals. If you would like to contribute either as part of a group or as an individual (individuals actually make up the biggest percentage of total donations), we are always interested in growing the fund and, thereby, extending the reach of our benevolent efforts. For more information about the trust contact Wendy Degroot at

Donations to WEST are tax-deductible. As an individual, you can become a Participating Member of WEST by making a gift of $10 to $99. You will receive a letter from the Secretary/Treasurer of the Wyoming Elks Association acknowledging your charity, as well as a pin and certificate. All donations are cumulative, and with $100 you can become a Sponsor, with $1,000 a Founder, with $5,000 a Fellow, with $10,000 a Patron, with $25,000 a Builder and with $50,000 a Summa Endower.

Veterans Support

Helping the brave men and women who have fought for our country.

Our veterans are the reason we enjoy the freedoms we have today yet, for many, life after combat is a struggle. They return from foreign shores with injuries and physical limitations as well as mental health issues and emotional scars. We need to help take care of them.

By collaborating with Veterans Affairs (VA) and attending meetings with the heads of the local VA offices in Wyoming, we are able to reach out a helping hand to many of the state’s veterans.

We provide food for homeless veterans and offer physical therapy for those who need it. We make sure our veterans have front-row seats and refreshments for parades and services on national holidays such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day (and Cheyenne Frontier Days!). We hold bingo games whenever we can. And, critically, we try to ease the suffering of veterans undergoing chemotherapy treatment at VA hospitals by providing snacks, bottled water and friendly company in the waiting room.

Through our Hides for Vets program, we collect hides donated by hunters for use in therapy programs for recovering veterans. The Elks Veterans Leather Program then provides veterans in VA hospitals with the tools to take up leather working skills. Each year, the Elks create thousands of therapy kits for our veterans and leather gloves for veterans in wheelchairs. These are just some of the things Wyoming Elks do to try to make life after combat better for the veterans who have sacrificed so much for the rest of us and our country as a whole. To learn more contact Jim Robinson at