Barbette Hernandez

WEA President, PER

I joined the Elks because WEST helped my granddaughter when she was born with HLHS. They gave her family money to live on while she was in the Denver Children's Hospital. I decided I wanted to be a part of an organization that helped children, veterans and the community.

Served Since 2011

Rex Tollman

WEA 2nd Vice President, DDGER, PER

I am an Elk because they stand for what I believe in and our charitable programs are top notch. Elks members are amazing and truly wonderful people.

Served Since 1978

Robert Tharp


I was asked to join in 1967 and now, after 50 years, I still actively support the programs for our children, our communities and our Veterans, of which I am one.

Served Since 1967

Darla Knuth


I became a WEA officer because I enjoy working with different people and learning more about each lodge. We as Elks do a great deal for our Veterans and help the less fortunate. We all have big hearts and are willing to give our time to help any way we can.

Served Since 2003

Pat Russell


I became a member when I was inquiring about trying to find a way to volunteer in my community. I was at the Elks lodge with my husband and started asking questions. I really wanted to do something for the youth in our community and found out that the Elks had a “Needy Youth Program.” Sounded like just what I was looking for. Now many years later, I have served on this committee at all levels and never tire of finding ways to support the youth of Wyoming through our program. It is this program that drives me to find other ways to meet the needs of our communities and ways to support the efforts to do so. It is a joy to be part of the Elks organization and I am so glad I was asked to join and look forward to many more years to be involved.

Served Since 2004

Marilyn Lane


The World of Elkdom has always been my life. My father was an Elk, and I was a DOE before becoming an Elk. When the Elks let women join, I was already involved with both organizations so I became an Elk. My first husband was and still is the Lodge Secretary, and my current husband is also active in the Elks. I feel there is not an organization that helps as many people as the BPO Elks. Elkdom will always be top priority in my heart.

Served Since 2003